Easy, at-home testing for toxic mold in your body.

RealTime Laboratories, Inc. (RTL) is a CAP and CLIA accredited clinical and environmental diagnostic laboratory that specializes in testing for and identifying hazardous mold, toxins and infectious diseases.

Founded with the desire to improve the quality of life around the world, one innovative test at a time, RTL’s vision is to be the most credible and passionate leader in cutting-edge laboratory services. We strive to provide the most insightful answers to our patients and customers to help better address the health episodes they face.

RTL’s mycotoxin urine test panel is the most comprehensive available, testing for the presence of 16 of the most common and toxic mycotoxins produced by indoor mold contaminants. RealTime Laboratories is one of the only labs in the U.S. that tests for macrocyclic trichothecenes which can be caused by Stachybotrys chartarum, aka “black mold.”